These days

I had started my exams at university yesterday. I'd done only one until now and I'm quite... Calm? It's strange not to feel some nerves or similar. Maybe I'm in some kind of strange peace. I think that I'm not really aware of my situation... I'm already in my 4th year at university, so close to the end of my degree, and I can't see me out of university by now...

Anyway. These days of study - and some little walks around my neighborhood - had brought to me some opportunities to take everyday life pics quietly.





Silent film notes

Silent film notes, one of my first exams...

Leopard boots



Wonderful sunny winter day

He's James!

Some graffiti


The Masonic temple, so abandoned by authorities ¬¬

So warm!

My new slippers


More boots!


Working on my Picasso's speech, reviewing Les demoiselles d'Avignon

More shoes!

My yesterday shoes... I love these ballerinas so much

My love

And the last, my last love, Lindt chilli chocolate

These are a lot of pics... But I have more! And you can see they here.

By the way, thank you so much Maria, I'm so glad that you like my pics =D

2 comentarios:

Brinja dijo...

I love your new slippers!

ADRI dijo...

They're really amazing Brinja. So warm for these cold days, and so cute! I'm in love with they hahaha