Last days of last year... And some of the new

Yes, I'd been out of here for a couple of weeks, but I'm here again. Christmas has passed and the new year it's starting - that's sounds quite weird to me, you know, we're starting a new XXIth century decade and I'll be 23 on September 5th -.

I'd been here, in Santa Cruz, for Christmas, but I'd spent the New Year's Eve and the first three days - really cold days for me - of the 2010 at Madrid surrounded by lots of amazing people - thanks to all! -. They had been wonderful days.

And after my return the Christmas continued, at least here in Spain, with the Three Wise Men day - January 6th -, when everybody exchange the most of the Christmas presents - and I received a lot of wonderful presents! =D - that the Three Wise Men bring to the people that had been good for all the past year - and I supposed that I was it because all the presents that they brought me -.

Anyway... No more words. Simply a little pic recompilation of these days.

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Silvia Monkey dijo...

Me encanta el buho, el bolso y las fotos de tus pies... que bonito collage!!

maria dijo...

a nice photo collage/series:) I like all the little details