Christmas stuff

I'll be in Madrid half of my Christmas holidays, so I decided to give to my room a lil' of Christmas decoration.

I really love how many stuff you can find here. I'm specially in love with all the things that I found on Tiger stores, where I bought this lil' Christmas cupcakes for this year tree decoration.

Of course, I cannot wait to decorate my home at Tenerife too, but it should wait until Monday, when I'll arrive there. I really wanna be back there, I miss my family and friends so much, but I'll have two entire weeks to be with they, living some warm Christmas time.


Back again

It seems that I always want to post when I'm busy... Anyway, this will not be a long post.

Lots of things have changed since my last post, and I'm proud of it. Now I'm living in Madrid since two and a half months and I'm studying a Classical Mediterranean Archaeology master at the UCM. I'm some kind of independent person now, but most of all, I'm absolutely enjoying this experience so much.

Of course, I miss my home, family and friends in Tenerife, but thanks to internet and the phone it's much more easier to keep everyday contact with they. By the way, I'll be back in less than a week to enjoy my Christmas "holidays" (it won't be holidays at all because I have so much work to do for the master) until New Year's Eve.

I'll try to post more often bringin' this blog to life again :3



It's been a long time since my last post... I just can say that I hope to be here again soon... New look, some new things... Just bloggin' again


After some months I'm here... Trying to live with this feeling. I hate this. Hate to feel this impotence... All I can do is to pray for you all, wishing you the best after this catastrophe.

Love you Japan, love you forever


Going out

Yesterday I went to Kazan for a dinner. It's the best Japanese restaurant that I've ever tried in the islands. Anyway, the food is not important for this post... I only want to show what I wore. I really like that outfit.

I hate the quality but I couldn't take a better pic.



Today I found this funny... That's how I look today while I was studying, wearing black pants, H&M white nightie and a robe. What do you wear/worn when you study/studied?


(Thanks to 99MockingBirds for the texture)

That's right, I'm trying to improve this to make it more... Inviting and attractive for me, also for all of you. I hope to finish with this lil' project soon =D



Yestarday I went to the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre, a local museum about natural science and antrhopology for finishing my Museology project... And, of course, I took some pics =D






And a bonus! My plants are growing faster =D




Friday dinner

Some roastbeef flavour crisps, mini cucumber sandwiches, Prince of Wales tea and greek yogurth. Simply perfect while seeing Doctor Who season 1 again and again and again =D